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2017 Registration Options

Global Challenge Virtual Preliminary

Initial registration by March 3, 2017

The Global Challenge Virtual Preliminary is open to any full-time university student team from a non-U.S. institution and who is not already from an existing VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partner institution. Institutions who have never participated in the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge can submit an "intent to support" online registration by midnight EDT of March 3, 2017 by committing that at least one student team from their university will participate in the Global Challenge Virtual Preliminary. The winning team of the preliminary will win a spot in the August finals at the Global Partnership Event, August 17-26.


Global Partnership Event
Initial registration by April 7, 2017 (and on a first-come, first-served basis)
The Global Partnership Event is intended for universities from all over the world who have been approved to participate in our  celebration of entrepreneurship, August 17-26, by nominating a student team to compete as a finalist in the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge. Finalist teams will enjoy a two-day trip to Washington, D.C., for sightseeing trips and tours in our nation's capital, before shifting to Roanoke-Blacksburg, Virginia, by bus for the remainder of the event. Institutions will also send a faculty or staff member to participate in the University Track and annual roundtable, in conjunction with the Global Partnership Event.
Roanoke-Blacksburg regional participation is encouraged during the Global Partnership Event in the following ways:
·   Advertising

·   Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge, August 24


USA Summer Work Experience

VT KnowledgeWorks and the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center offers all student teams that participated in the 2016 Global Partnership Event free summer work space (beginning June to mid-August 2017) in our research park!  Learn more about this opportunity.


Entrepreneurship Support Worldwide

Students who are not participating in the Global Partnership Event or Virtual Preliminary but would still like to receive feedback from one of our VT KnowledgeWorks mentors, can submit the skeleton of their startup idea online.  Once it has been reviewed by our mentors, they will offer their first impressions and suggest ways to reduce your risk via GoToMeeting. Register first by contacting the VT KnowledgeWorks staff at info@vtkwglobal.com. No charge.