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2017 Winners

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2017 Student Track

The VT KnowledgeWorks Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge celebrates the energy and creativity of university students and their important contributions to the global economy, and encourages them to develop their entrepreneurial ideas. The Student Track begins with a two-day trip in Washington, D.C., August 17-19, to enjoy sightseeing trips to museums and monuments, and participate in private tours.   Attendees will shift to the Roanoke-Blacksburg region, in Virginia, by a chartered bus provided by VT KnowledgeWorks to enjoy a week-long celebration of entrepreneurship, August 19-26.  While in Blacksburg, students are housed with local families, spend interactive time with successful technology companies as they prepare for the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge, and enjoy fellowship with each other and with Virginia Tech students during festive meals and social gatherings.


Useful Links:

·   Read about the 2016 winning teams of the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge.
·   Review the rules to participate as a student team in the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge.
·   Review the registration steps to ensure your team's spot in the August finals.
·   Read more about the 2017 student track agenda.


Thanks to our generous sponsors, participating students will incur no food or lodging expenses during the Global Partnership Event.  Students or their sponsors are responsible for transportation to and from their home countries and a minimal event registration fee. Review the 2017 student track agenda before booking airfare tickets to ensure you fly into the preferred airports closer to our events (i.e. arrival on August 17 at Washington Dulles International Airport, and departure on August 26 from the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport).


Benefits to Participants:

    Two-day trip to Washington D.C., August 17-19 to explore our Nation's Capital, including...
·   Sightseeing trips to museums and monuments
·   Participate in private tours
·   Enjoy celebratory meals

    Week-long stay in Roanoke and Blacksburg, Virginia, August 19-26...
·   Chance to compete for a $25,000 Grand Prize, $10,000 Second Place Prize, and $5,000 People's Choice Award
·   Ownership of awards and team name engraved on the VT KnowledgeWorks Trophy
·   Presentation coaching with local, technology-based American companies
·   Lodging provided by local host families
·   Regional shopping
·   Virginia Tech campus, Center for the Arts, and Lane Stadium tours
·   Banquets and social gatherings with Virginia Tech students
·   Opportunity to build your global network with other university students
 ... ALL FREE for competing student team members!


All cash prizes are subject to tax and will be withheld from the prize payment.The standard withholding rate is 30%.

·   $10,000 - Plastics One Advanced Manufacturing Award for the outstanding tangible product
·   $10,000 - VT KnowledgeWorks Information Technology Award for the outstanding intangible product or service
·   $15,000 - An additional $15,000 grand prize for one of the two teams that receive the Advanced Manufacturing Award or the Information Technology Award, by selection of the judging panel. As a permanent tribute to their exceptional efforts, the winning team’s name will be engraved on the permanent VT KnowledgeWorks trophy, which resides in at VT KnowledgeWorks.
·   $5,000 - People’s Choice Award sponsored by Virginia Tech's Outreach and International Affairs. The People’s Choice award will be selected by vote of the event attendees.  The team/concept with the highest overall ranking by the attendees, and which is not selected by the judging panel for either the First or Second Place award, will earn the $5,000 People’s Choice award.