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2017 Winners

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Winning Teams of the 2016 Global Student Challenge

Read the full press release annoucing the winners of the 2016 Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Team Park & Diamond, Inc. of Virginia Tech, USA, Grand Prize Winner ($15,000) and Winner of the Plastics One Advanced Manufacturing Award ($10,000) - $25,000

The grand prize of $25,000 was awarded to Park & Diamond, Inc., including the $10,000 Plastics One Advanced Manufacturing Award for the most outstanding tangible product. Jordan Klein and David Hall presented their winning concept, which was an improved cycling helmet that is ultra portable. Their helmet eliminates bulkiness and the stigma of current bicycle helmets.

Pictured left to right: Steve Heckman of Plastics One Inc., Jordan Klein, and David Hall

Park & Diamond


Team Construction Cloud of University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, Winner of the VT KnowledgeWorks Information Technology Award - $10,000

The $10,000 VT KnowledgeWorks Information Technology Award for the most outstanding intangible product or service went to Hartley Pike, Samuel McDonnell, Tommaso Armstrong, and Jan Schroeder. Construction Cloud lets construction teams function like they have a photographic memory. Construction teams can create a visual timeline of their project from start to finish, keeping all photos and videos stored securely in one place. Accessible by all team members via mobile and web, Construction Cloud saves time, improves team communication and protects companies in disputes. Users have the details remembered for them, so they can get on with building their project on time without headaches. It’s like the Instagram and Dropbox for the construction industry – a photo library stored in the cloud.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Joe Meredith, of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, as well as Jan Schroeder, Tommaso Armstrong, Hartley Pike, Samuel McDonnell, and Monique Potts from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.


Team eLog, University of Kent, England, Winner of the People’s Choice Award - $5,000

The People’s Choice award of $5,000, sponsored by Virginia Tech’s Outreach and International Affairs, was selected by vote of the event attendees at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge.  eLog aims to use technology to help displaced people across the world fleeing political persecution and war. Refugees use eLog to map their migration and provide evidence of their journey when applying for asylum as well as family records. This revolutionary application speeds up the integration program, helping to settle refugees into their new home.  Cesare Dunker and Rayyan Sorefan presented the concept.

Pictured from left to right: Rayyan Sorefan, Dr. Karl Markgraf of Virginia Tech’s Outreach & International Affairs, Cesare Dunker, and Marcus Wright of the University of Kent, England.