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University Track 2016

Each university or institution that is sending a student team to compete in the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge is expected to send at least one faculty or staff member to participate in the University Track during the Global Partnership Week.  This option is intended for university senior staff and/or faculty delegates charged with building institutional bridges to other universities around the globe. While in Roanoke and Blacksburg, attendees will have the unique opportunity to participate in university-to-university networking opportunities hosted by Virginia Tech, and to gather for cooperative brainstorming sessions and best practices exchange. 

·   Read about the 2015 winning teams of the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge.
·   Review the rules to nominate a student team to the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge.
·   Review the registration steps, including how to make your personal reservations during the event week.
·   Read more about the 2016 university track agenda.


"I cannot emphasize enough the value of the relationships built and interactions experienced with members from 14 international institutions that meet annually during the VT KnowledgeWorks University Track. We have the opportunity to present our institutions and our programs during the annual Global Partnership Roundtable (a complete day dedicated to presentations and discussions), which helps us to identify similarities among other institutions, receive suggestions for improvement, as well as explore future collaboration. We also have the chance to get to know each other on a personal level through informal meetings, dinners, and socials, which helps to further build our international relations. After five years of attending the VT KnowledgeWorks University Track, I can say that many successful joint projects have been developed with the colleagues I have met during this event that I dare call my friends now."
Roberto Napoli, Assistant to the Rector, University of Trento, Italy


University Track attendees will receive special rates for hotel lodging during the Global Partnership Week, August 14-20, at The Inn at Virginia Tech and the Hotel Roanoke, and are included in some meal-time events, but will, unfortunately, not be fully subsidized.  You should contact the hotel in advance (no later than July 8) to arrange your personal lodging, since space fills up quickly!  Registration details here. If you do not plan on participating in the optional Washington D.C. trip (see below), University Track attendees can arrive and depart from the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport.

Optional two-day trip to Washington D.C., August 11-13

University Track attendees have the option of registering for an additional two-day trip to Washington D.C., August 11-13, to enjoy sightseeing trips to museums and monuments, and participate in private tours with attending student teams.  Attendees will shift to Roanoke and Blacksburg, Virginia, by a chartered bus with students to enjoy a week-long celebration of entrepreneurship during the Global Partnership Week, August 13-20, 2016. Anyone participating in the Washington D.C. trip, should fly into the Washington Dulles International Airport, Dulles, Virginia on Thursday, August 11. All attendees can depart conveniently from the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport, August 20, in light of the event concluding in Roanoke, Virginia (about four hours from Washington D.C., by car or bus).


Benefits to participants:

    Optional two-day trip to Washington D.C., August 11-13 to explore our Nation's Capital, including...
·   Sightseeing trips to museums and monuments
·   Participate in private tours
·   Enjoy celebratory meals
·   Additional registration required for University Track attendees desiring to participate in the DC trip.

    Week-long stay in Roanoke and Blacksburg, Virginia, August 14-20...
·   Roundtables that explore and facilitate multi-university cooperative arrangements
·   Brainstorm sessions to exchange best practices
·   Overview of Virginia Tech and introduction to university executives
·   Celebratory meals and banquets with global students and faculty
·   Downtown Roanoke attractions and shopping
·   Admission to the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge and Awards Banquet
·   Opportunity to network and partner with other universities


Annual roundtable, August 16:

Participating global university partners will have the opportunity to exchange information and provide an update to other partners about new innovations and initiatives being conducted at their institution, in particularly focusing on their university's entrepreneurship support programs. The purpose of this session is to dedicate time to learn about each other and strengthen relationships, in hopes of future collaboration and partnership among all university partners. Each participant should prepare a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation that focuses on your university's entrepreneurship support programs, including:
·   a brief overview of your university (1 - 2 slides)
·   highlights of your university entrepreneurship programs and business incubation practices
·   new initiatives and innovations from September 2015 - August 2016
·   nomination process of your student team for the Global Partnership Week
·   Presentations should be saved on a USB drive and brought to the roundtable. Please also send the presentation in advance to info@vtkwglobal.com.